This animal-lover saves two foxes found abandoned by the roadside and becomes their best friend -
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This animal-lover saves two foxes found…
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This animal-lover saves two foxes found abandoned by the roadside and becomes their best friend


The story we are about to tell you has as protagonists an Irish man and two splendid foxes!

And, as in the best fairy tales, it is a beautiful story of friendship with a happy ending.

The man in question is named Patsy Gibbons and lives in Kilkenny, a small village in Ireland.

His life has been changed forever since he met these two very nice animals who are now the joy of his life.

Discover why in this story!

When Patsy found the two small abandoned foxes, he couldn't help but take care of them and wait for them to heal and recover their health.

The fact is that then the man became so attached to the two animals that now he never wants to be separated from them.

Patsy first took care of Minnie (the first abandoned fox that he had found) and then Grainne who was only one month old when Patsy found him.

Now, Patsy and his two new friends have become inseparable!

Need a nice bedtime story, MADLers? Kindhearted Patsy Gibbons nursed three foxes, Grainne, Henry and Minnie, back to...

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In the small village of Kilkenny, this man's story concerning the two foxes immediately made the rounds among the inhabitants, especially the children, who were very eager to know more about this incredible friendship.

In fact, now, with great success, Patsy collaborates with the local schools where he teaches children how to properly care for animals that have been abandoned and are in difficulty!


Congratulations to Patsy Gibbons and his good heart! Not only does he always take care of his beloved foxes Minnie and Grainne, but in his large farm courtyard, he spends his time giving care and assistance to 28 hens, 12 ducks, two dogs, and two cats. 

Clearly, Patsy is a true lover of animals and nature!

Patsy Gibbons, fantastic Mr. Fox Fantastic Mr. Fox may have...

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