A mother encourages her daughter to consider plastic surgery to be successful in life

by Shirley Marie Bradby

October 11, 2019

A mother encourages her daughter to consider plastic surgery to be successful in life

Good parents should encourage their children to pursue their dreams, to grow up learning to behave in a  respectful manner towards others and above all to accept themselves.

In addition, this self-acceptance should be learned without fostering or indulging in discontent or distress due to what is perceived as inadequacies regarding one's own personality, abilities, or external appearance.

Obviously, being a parent also means correcting the negative characteristics of a child, or at least helping a child to identify and improve them. But, from this positive support to urging a child to "change" to please everyone else; there is a big difference.

And unfortunately, in the story we are going to tell you about there is a mother who has a rather unique vision of her daughter's future. Let's see what it is.

via Metro


Carla Bellucci is a 37-year-old native of Hertfordshire, a county in eastern England. With over 90 thousand followers, on Instagram, she is a fairly well-known personality.

For her, a former model, her physical aspect is really everything, so much so that it is not uncommon to see photos on her profile that portray her in "fashion model" poses.

Her notoriety, however, has increased and gained even more attention on social media also because of her strong opinions and the declarations that she has posted online.

In an interview, in fact, she has declared that "ugly people never get anywhere in life", and that she would, therefore, strongly encourage her 14-year-old daughter, Tanisha to resort to plastic surgery to improve her physical appearance.


And not only that! Bellucci has also stated that she has been, for years, putting money aside specifically for this purpose, so that her daughter Tanisha, at the right time, can afford whatever plastic surgery that she desires.

Meanwhile, the girl, to her mother's joy, already wears fake nails, hair extensions, and colored eyebrows.

A person's physical appearance, according to Bellucci, really represents everything to get ahead in life, and in this respect, cosmetic surgery appears to be an obvious choice to adapt to the times and hopefully become a successful influencer.

It is natural to ask oneself, though, if perhaps, it would be more appropriate to spend money and energy on more important and beneficial factors than just on the physical appearance of a girl who, at age 14, finds herself at a decisive moment for the formation of her personality.

However, for Tanisha, this will not be so, given that her mother has already made it known that she does not care much about her daughter's level of education, as she is already "not a very academically-inclined girl".

Statements and stories like this really do sound almost unbelievable but they do serve to make us reflect on the levels of superficiality and lack of appropriate educational practices that, unfortunately, continue to characterize many parents.

The hope is that Tanisha, sooner or later, will be able to decide what is best for her, eventually becoming independent of her mother's vision of what Tanisha's life should and could be.