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A taxi driver accepts 8 stray dogs as…
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A taxi driver accepts 8 stray dogs as passengers together with an elderly woman


Love for animals is always a noble feeling, even when it may appear a little excessive in the eyes of those who perceive some gestures as a bit exaggerated and peculiar and express their disapproval.

Often, however, one does not think of the fact that for some people these creatures may represent the family they do not have.

Animals, then, help to overcome loneliness and can also help give meaning and purpose to life for many individuals especially those who are alone.

We should not, therefore, be surprised or criticize those who decide to dedicate time and resources to their dog or cat - after all, what's so wrong with that?

Today's story speaks precisely of this compassionate feeling for four-legged friends and concerns an incident that took place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, accidentally filmed by a passer-by.

The video in question was subsequently posted on the Internet and became an immediate hit due to being shared and posted by countless social media users. 

The images depict an elderly woman who, determined to adopt a group of stray dogs, calls a taxi to take all of them home with her.

The story concerning this incident is not so much about the woman with a heart of gold, but rather that good Samaritan, the taxi driver who, despite the unusual situation, agrees to load all the "passengers" into his taxi!


In the video photo frames taken from the short video, it is possible to see the funny and tender scene of the energetic elderly woman who tells all eight dogs to climb into the back seat of the taxi.

The dogs all appear calm and disciplined, and each of them waits for their individual turn to climb into the taxi.

Certainly, this is not something that all taxi drivers would do, to accept such unusual passengers!

But apparently, this time, by pure coincidence, two people have met who feel for dogs as much love and respect as they do for human beings.

Now, these eight four-legged brothers are happily wagging their tails at their new home and with a "mother" who is ready to give them all the love they need.

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