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A man tries to end it all but is saved…
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A man tries to end it all but is saved by three heroic young teenage boys at the last moment


We often hear news on TV about dramatic events and we wonder how we would react if we were in the same situation.

One wonders if at the right time one would be able to do the right thing, to react appropriately, to remain calm and behave like a hero.

Well, there are three young teenage boys from Cheshunt, an English city in Hertfordshire who certainly know something about this and that thanks to their readiness and courage, managed to save the life of a man about to commit suicide.

via: Mirror

The names of the three young teenage boys are Shawn Young, Sammy Farah, and Devonte Cafferkey, respectively 12, 13 and 14 years old.

On that fateful day they were all going home from St. Mary's High School, when they noticed a figure sitting on the edge of an overpass bridge in Waltham Cross. The man in question had a rope tied around his neck and it was obvious he was about to throw himself off the overpass.

The teenage boys approached him calmly, they tried first to talk to him to dissuade him from the crazed gesture but, when the individual ignored them and turned to jump, they grabbed him on the fly and held him tight until the youngest of them, Shawn, ran to find help by attracting the attention of some passers-by.

To the young teenager's desperate appeal, Joanne Stammers and James Higlett responded, who promptly came to lend a hand to Sammy and Devonte who could bearly hold the frantic man down any longer.

In the end, the man on the overpass, desperate, gave up and burst into tears but they had done it, they had prevented the man from taking his own life!

image: Daily Mail

The local, national, and web news media gave a great deal of echo to this incident, interviewing all the people involved and informing themselves about the conditions of the three brave young teenage boys through their parents' statements.

Devonte, Sammy, and Shawn had a strong and traumatic experience, which marked them deeply but, when it came time to intervene, they had managed to do their part and make a difference.

For the courage and altruism shown, the five heroes each received a Special Achievement Youth Award at the Broxbourne Youth Awards ceremony presented by the Royal Humane Society, a charity organization.


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