This dog lays down on the ground and pretends to be ill every time his owner tries to take him home after a walk -
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This dog lays down on the ground and…
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This dog lays down on the ground and pretends to be ill every time his owner tries to take him home after a walk


Do you know when you are having a great time and would you like that moment to never end?

As children, we experienced this more times than we care to remember! And the story always ended in the same way: our mom or dad yelling at us to get our things and prepare to leave - just when we were having the most fun!

Unfortunately, the same moment of reckoning always arrives also for this very nice chocolate-colored dog,  a cross between a Labrador and a Basset hound  and he knows this only too well.

His name is Ryder and he is a beautiful puppy, that is really unique.

Ryder is absolutely not one of those shy and wary dogs, on the contrary - he has no problem "saying" what he wants and showing all his disapproval when his owner, Sean Tornetta, does not fulfill his wishes.

What Ryder especially adores and in an incredible way is taking long walks ... and when we say he loves it, this means he would do anything not to go home.

When Ryder realizes that "playtime is running out" and the moment has come to go home, Ryder puts on a real dramatic performance! He suddenly stops, with the leash taut, and, like a diva in a stage play, falls to the ground pretending to be sick, and categorically refuses to move!

To tell the truth, the scene, which is repeated every time his owners take him for a walk, is really very funny and will surely make you smile.

Below you can see some of Ryder's incredible performances:


This dog is a real hoot!

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