A father discovers that his son's illnesses…
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A father discovers that his son's illnesses were caused by a thick layer of mold in his son's sippy cup

October 02, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you have children, your only thought is for their well-being. And every time that your child gets sick, it is another period of worry and anxiety for you as parents.

Furthermore, if then you cannot understand the reasons why your child is always sick, then the situation can turn into a real nightmare. Because, after all, what may seem like a simple cold could hide something more serious and dangerous.

Case in point is a woman named Penny Powell who was very worried about the health of her friend's son, who was always sick.

When the mystery was finally resolved, thanks to the intuition of the child's father, the woman published the shocking photos on her Facebook profile.

Although the child's father, Simon, knew that something was wrong because his son was constantly ill, nevertheless, he could not understand why.

One day Simon picked up the "sippy cup" from which his son drank daily - one of those colored plastic cups with a plastic spout, which allows small children to drink liquids more easily - and he noticed a strange smell coming from the spout.

Although the spout was supposedly "leak-proof " sealed, Simon, with a little strength and a knife, patiently opened it. What he found left literally left him speechless! Inside the spout he found some dirt that had accumulated which, due to the humidity, had caused the formation of a thick layer of mold.

He was horrified to think that his son had been drinking from that sippy cup all this time! Now, finally, the reasons for his child's poor health were explained.

Penny shared the photos on Facebook as a warning to all parents who could, unknowingly, be "poisoning" their child with one of these "sippy cup" products.

One of the companies called into question, who habitually produces these plastic sippy cups - Tommee Tippee France - tried to defend themselves and respond to the accusations, but this simply provoked even greater indignation on the part of many parents who in their anger posted and shared this story and the photos online more than ever.


The company in question has defended itself with the following statement: "The results support the fact that, if used with recommended liquids (light and cold, like water and juices without pulp) and cleaned according to the instructions, the cups should not create any problems."

Obviously, in this announcement, there are no instructions that take into account the formation of mold and fungus and, although it is absolutely advisable to read all the recommendations regarding the cleaning of the product, one can never be too sure that this will be sufficient as a preventive measure.

In cups with translucent lids, it is quite easy to see if something strange has settled inside the spout. For example, the appearance of black dots could be the signal that indicates the presence of mold or a bacterial colony.

Consequently, we must all pay a lot more attention when we let our children drink from plastic sippy cups or any similar product since serious problems can be hiding in something that seems to be quite harmless.

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