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A poor student is moved when his teacher…
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A poor student is moved when his teacher gives him his first birthday cake


Every birthday should be celebrated with a cake and the right number of candles - it is hard to imagine one without these essential elements!

Yet in the world, we are not all lucky in the same way and many children have never even seen a birthday cake of their own.

This young Mexican boy had revealed to his class that he had never had a birthday cake in his life - a confession that prompted his teacher to give him a wonderful surprise!

via: Remezcla

A teacher named Bii Glez, from the city of Nayaar, Mexico, shared images online of the moving moment when one of her students received a birthday cake for the first time.

The photos with her students have been shared on social networks and have moved thousands of users.

The teacher could not allow her young student to spend another birthday without a cake, so she bought him one. And when the young boy saw the cake, he was unable to hold back his happy tears!

The wonderful images that were captured in the photos testify to how moving and joyful that moment was.

His classmates encouraged him to cut the cake, although the boy did not know how to proceed. But, everyone reassured him that he was supposed to cut the cake and that regardless of the aesthetic result, the cake would taste the same - it would be delicious!

"No one is born knowing how to cut a cake" is what the teacher told her students.


Thanks to a small gesture, this young boy has found the joy of celebrating his birthday! It is smiles like these that warm the heart.

The world has an extreme need of kind and helpful people, who also know how to do their job. Only in this way will we be able to create and maintain a world that is more supportive and livable for all. 


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