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A little girl throws her new pencil…
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A little girl throws her new pencil case in the trash can and her mother punishes her in an exemplary manner


Today's children are used to receiving so many gifts and toys that they often take for granted how lucky they are.

However, if the parents themselves continue to spoil their children without any reservations, it is unlikely that the latter will grow up with a good attitude.

Of course, it is clear that every parent wants to make their children happy by always satisfying their requests, and no one wants to see their child crying or feeling sad.

For this reason, and also sometimes due to exhaustion, parents often end up satisfying their child's various whims almost without any opposition.

This single mother, named Haley Hassell, was no different, but one fine day, her little daughter's very unpleasant behavior and attitude convinced her to change her parenting style and give her daughter an exemplary life lesson.

Like many children, Haley's daughter Presleigh has a passion for particular dolls that are very fashionable nowadays.

Thinking of giving her a nice surprise, Haley had gone to three different stores just to buy her a pencil case for school with the images of these famous dolls. Once Haley had revealed the surprise to her daughter Presleigh, the latter's reaction was anything but astonishment and gratitude.

In fact, her daughter started yelling loudly and was very upset and complained that all her classmates already had that same pencil case and now she did not want that one anymore.

As if that were not enough, the young girl took the pencil case and threw it in the trash can. Needless to say, Haley's anger and displeasure were enormous after witnessing that unexpected display of ingratitude.

Haley realized that she could not accept such behavior from her daughter and decided to immediately take action.

Haley says, "I thought I'd always taught her to be grateful ... and to know how lucky she is, but apparently she needed a wake-up call!" 

Haley, then, took a plastic bag and wrote "Presleigh's Pencil Bag" on it and gave it to her daughter, ordering her to retrieve the new pencil case from the trash can and to give it to one of her classmates who were not so lucky to have parents who could afford such a luxury or even give it to someone who did not have any parents at all.


As expected, little Presleigh burst into tears, abandoning her initial selfish attitude. But it was too late.

In fact, her mother Haley remained firm in her decisions and told her daughter that she had no rights to anything special since she continues to take for granted how lucky she is.

This story has gone viral on the Internet, thanks to Haley's post on Facebook. Evidently, episodes of this nature are not so rare among today's children and this mother's tough stance has inspired countless other users.

In fact, many of them see themselves often playing the role of one of those parents who always satisfy their children's whims. "Well done! Kudos! She will thank you one day for this valuable lesson!" is just one of the many favorable comments in reply to Haley's post.

Indeed, this is an important lesson that deserves to be shared.

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