She complains about her uncomfortable new high heel shoes all night but later discovers she was wearing them on the wrong feet -
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She complains about her uncomfortable…
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She complains about her uncomfortable new high heel shoes all night but later discovers she was wearing them on the wrong feet


Ayleigh Mcghee, a young woman from Glasgow (Scotland), has brought attention to herself on the Internet due to a tremendous mistake that has made thousands of users smile if not laugh out loud!

The young woman had complained to her friends all night long about her brand new high heel shoes, claiming they were really painful to wear when suddenly, the next morning, she was able to understand the reason why.

The realization came while she was looking at the photos taken during the previous evening, and Ayleigh could finally see that she was wearing her brand new high heel shoes ... on the wrong feet!

Amused, but also a little embarrassed, Ayleigh sent one of her photos to a friend, Georgia Henry, letting her in on the joke - or rather - the mistake!

Well, her friend did not think twice about immediately posting the photo online in her Twitter account, commenting: "Ayleigh complained all evening saying she couldn't walk in those shoes and this morning she just realized she was wearing them on the wrong feet!"

Thousands of users have found the Tweet extremely amusing and they all have begun to share the photo and to comment on it in the most diverse ways, but always with a lot of fun and sympathy.

Moreover, anyone who has worn high heel shoes knows how uncomfortable they can be and many users have commented on this and offered a bit of solidarity!

In fact, an alarming number of users said they have done the same thing, while other users are still wondering how the young woman managed not to notice.

We also do not know how she did it, but surely it is impossible not to smile thinking about a pair of "uncomfortable" high heel shoes being worn - on the wrong feet!

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