This 6-year-old boy invites his mother to dinner every month and pays with his savings -
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This 6-year-old boy invites his mother…
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This 6-year-old boy invites his mother to dinner every month and pays with his savings


Today as yesterday, the phrase attributed to the famous English writer, Virginia Woolf, is still very powerful "Behind every great man there is always a great woman", especially when that woman is his mother!

From one's mother, one can learn many things.  Of them all, one of the most important is certainly, respect and proper behavior in regards to dealing with the opposite sex.

One striking example is Nikkole Paulun, who became famous thanks to the MTV show "16 Years Old and Pregnant", who has taught her little 6-year-old son to be a gentleman.

via: Abc News

Every month, Lyle, this is the young boy's name, invites his mother, Nikkole, out to dinner, using his savings put aside from his pocket money.

During these appointments, the young knight opens the door at the restaurant, moves the chair to accommodate his mother, and at the end of the evening, he even leaves a tip.

Among the other forms of etiquette, there is also the rule of never using his smartphone while at the table during dinner.

These sweet and friendly encounters are first of all an opportunity for the two to share a special moment together, something that is only their own, in an original way and a bit over the top, certainly worthy of a person with an extravagant personality like Nikkole.

The other reason, however, is to teach a young boy how to treat a lady and also how to manage his money independently and correctly.

The former TV star encourages her young son in what has by now become a pleasant habit because these romantic dinners are both a show of affection and a practical way from him to learn what it means to show respect for and to receive respect from - the female gender.


Nikkole claims that it is never too early to begin to be a gentleman, and she is proud to know already that her son will be a worthy representative of this increasingly endangered category.

The message that Nikkole wants to convey is that women have a civic duty to educate children (both boys and girls) with positive messages, making the need to raise real, respectful, and educated men of the future more important than ever.

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