This autistic child becomes upset while waiting for the bus but the assistant principal knows what to do -
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This autistic child becomes upset while…
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This autistic child becomes upset while waiting for the bus but the assistant principal knows what to do


There are days when things go wrong and moments when patience is lost or when you just do not want to do anything!

It is life, itself that puts obstacles in our path every day that we have to overcome and that often irritate us.

If you think that the patience of an adult is put to the test when waiting for the bus or the subway at rush hour, then think about what this 8-year-old child, LJ, who is autistic and also has Down syndrome must have felt when his bus did not arrive.

In fact, this situation upset LJ very much and he had one of his crises but, fortunately, the principal's assistant was there to comfort him.

I absolutely LOVE this... LJ’s school has a new assistant principal this year... Mr. Smith... apparently LJ was having a...

Pubblicato da Steph Compton su Giovedì 5 settembre 2019

LJ is a small and very nice third-grade student from Garfield Elementary in Marion, Ohio (USA). His mother, Steph Compton, wrote in a Facebook post that she continues to take her son to Garfield even if now they live across town.

This choice is due to the overwhelming support that both she and LJ received from the Garfield teachers and school staff.

One event, in particular, that involved LJ and the new principal's assistant, Mr. Smith, shows how willing the school staff is to stand behind their students and support them also on their most difficult days.

In fact, despite LJ being a child that is cheerful and always smiling, that morning, evidently, he just couldn't take waiting for the bus anymore and lay down on the ground, experiencing one of his crises.

It was at that moment that Mr. Smith intervened, lying on the ground with him and strengthening the relationship of trust with little LJ.

Mrs. Clark’s class decorated socks for World Down Syndrome Day- LJ even decorated a pair for Mrs. Lemont, who forgot hers today!

Pubblicato da Garfield Elementary School su Giovedì 21 marzo 2019

Amber Mckinniss, an older student who helps Garfield school employees, captured the scene in a snapshot, which she promptly sent to the young boy's mother.

Amber said that she just had to take that photo: "It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! And our hearts melted and LJ had fun."

Steph Compton immediately felt comforted by that photo, knowing that a qualified and supportive staff was taking care of her child.

That incident that could have been a bad moment for her son but was not, proved to this mother that Garfield was truly the best school for her child and his needs.

An inspiring moment that shows us how in today's world, there are still those who are passionate about their work and are doing it in the best possible way.

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