She is 70 years old but looks half her age; her secret is nutrition combined with regular physical exercise. -
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She is 70 years old but looks half her…
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She is 70 years old but looks half her age; her secret is nutrition combined with regular physical exercise.


It is true that the years pass for everyone, but there are those who manage to face changes in a decidedly more practical way.

After all, age is a state of mind, even if our body clearly warns us of the years that are passing. Old age, however, should not be an excuse to let yourself go! It is always a good idea to try to keep fit.

Here in this article, a woman named Norma Williams shows us that age really is just a number. Norma looks like a young girl, although she is 70 years old!

One day, Norma Williams decided to make a radical change in her life, so she moved from the rainy and gray city of London to sunny and beautiful Italy.

Now, she claims to feel much better, at her current age of 70, than she did when she 20 years old. But how did Norma keep herself so fit for all these years?

Well, her secrets are pretty simple and they will not surprise you very much -  healthy eating and exercise. Who would ever have thought of that? :)

Norma started doing physical exercise at the age of 20 and, since then, she has always continued to exercise and walk a lot, trying to keep herself active.

In fact, such an active lifestyle helps women control their weight. Furthermore, this athletic "granny" tries to follow a healthy and balanced diet most of the time.

Norma is aware of the fact that to look beautiful you do not need to be super thin - the important thing is to use your brain. Intelligence comes first.


Consequently, Norma is not a person who is excessively limited when it comes to food.

For breakfast, she drinks two cappuccinos with a little bread; then eats a banana or an orange, or other seasonal fruits. At dinner, she usually tries to include proteins with vegetables, for example, carrots, broccoli, beans, mushrooms in soy sauce, olive oil, seeds, blueberries or walnuts.

Her favorite dish, however, is whole-grain spaghetti with vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. The latter is a fundamental ingredient, which she loves and adds to every dish. As a snack, Norma eats cookies, dark chocolate or salad with Greek yogurt, honey, and nuts.

All in all, Norma has no magic formula for youth - the key is healthy eating and regular exercise. In short, you can do it, too!


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