She turns 100 and lives alone but the neighborhood ​​garbage collectors surprise her with a birthday cake! -
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She turns 100 and lives alone but the…
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She turns 100 and lives alone but the neighborhood ​​garbage collectors surprise her with a birthday cake!


What gives value and quality to life is not just decent salaries or pensions or services and facilities that are available and function well.

Also very important, are the small gestures of altruism and kindness on the part of the members of the same community or neighborhood.

These are things that especially warm the heart of those who live a more isolated existence and who may feel that they have been forgotten by everyone.

Among the weakest subjects, often ignored by society and also by their own family members are the elderly.

This is very sad because, for many elderly people, a little company and kindness are worth more than anything else in the world.

via: Daily Mail
image: YouTube

Case in point is Mercy, an elderly woman who lives in an unknown town in the UK. She is a kind and friendly lady who lives alone and gets by thanks to the good-hearted people who live in the neighborhood.

Those who are especially helpful to Mercy are those with jobs such as mail carriers and garbage collectors who service the same area almost every day.

At the end of August 2019, the woman turned 100 years old, so to celebrate this important milestone, the garbage collectors who usually service her neighborhood decided to give her a nice surprise.

image: YouTube

On the morning of her birthday, Mercy heard her doorbell ring, and when she opened the door to the driveway, she found the neighborhood garbage collectors in front of her with a birthday cake decorated with candles with the number "100".

The special birthday delivery was recorded in a video and posted on the Internet and received lots of views and shares on various social media platforms!

In the video images, the sweet elderly lady appears completely surprised, happy and very moved by this marvelous gesture, incredulous but enthusiastic that someone had organized such a lovely event to show her that she has not been forgotten! 

image: YouTube

Once the initial emotion had subsided and the tears had dried, one of the garbage collectors asked Mercy to make a wish and blow out the candles!

One of the garbage collectors, joking with the sweet but feisty elderly lady, said: "She asked to live to be 105!" And she laughingly told him to shut up!  :)

Happy birthday, Mercy!

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