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Here is the meaning of wearing a red…
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Here is the meaning of wearing a red thread bracelet with seven knots on your left wrist

August 21, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Many common gestures and habits are adopted simply due to a fashion trend or emulation, without knowing, that behind them a precise meaning is hidden.

The key to understanding so many different customs or habits sometimes lies in ancient traditions, however, others are also due to precise rituals.

One of the most widespread but at the same time, less known is the fashion of wearing a red thread bracelet with seven knots on the left wrist. This is not just a simple accessory, and here is the reason why.

In the Kabbalah, a set of esoteric Hebrew scriptures that contain the mystical teachings of Judaism, reference is made to Rachel, Jacob's wife, who after having died while giving birth to her second child, was buried in Israel in a location between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Tradition has it that by wrapping a red thread around her grave seven times, it is possible to receive positive energy.

Rachele is the personification of the physical world, an example of an act of extreme sacrifice made to protect one's offspring from all evil.

From that legend, was born the custom of making thread bracelets of the same color, namely, the color red that symbolizes the danger signal.

Therefore, a red thread bracelet is decorated with seven knots, that coincide with the seven mystical dimensions or directions from which one can come in contact with evil.

image: Unsplash

The bracelet should be worn on the left wrist because this is the side from which the soul draws vital energy, and moreover, it should be slipped on by someone who feels true and sincere affection for the recipient.

Many have no idea of ​​all these hidden meanings and implications and simply wear the accessory just because they have seen it on others.

Nevertheless, this powerful amulet serves to dispel negativity and attract positive energies, however, its functioning depends above all on the person wearing it really believing it and also on one's emotional state.

To be more effective it is necessary to cultivate a pure mind and heart, devoid of anger, resentment or desire for revenge.

Cultivating thoughts of generosity and understanding towards others, allows the bracelet to act in the way it was conceived, that is to say, to remove evil and to guide whoever wears it on a path of peace and light.

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