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Learn how to prepare raisin water! A…
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Learn how to prepare raisin water! A powerful natural detoxifying agent for the liver

August 22, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Raisins possess incredible beneficial properties for the body, in particular, to purify the liver and help it function more efficiently.

Eating a small portion of raisins, in the morning, can increase the biochemical processes of the body, favoring the elimination of waste, and the reduction of cholesterol.

In addition, raisins promote a healthy heart and also help to prevent constipation. However, when they are also consumed as an "infusion", they become a real elixir.

When raisins are soaked in water, their sugar content is reduced, while still preserving the antioxidant content, which is important for strengthening the immune system. Drinking an infusion of raisin water helps get rid of toxins and heavy metals, making digestion easier and more efficient.

From 2 to 4 consecutive days of raisin water "treatment" is enough to realize the benefits. The preparation process is very simple and requires about 1 cup of raisins (150 grams) in addition to about 2 cups of water (400 ml). Before starting, it is suggested to discard the lighter and brighter raisins, because certainly, this effect is due to the presence of chemical additives.

The raisins must, therefore, be washed thoroughly and then set aside. At this point, you have to boil the water and add the raisins, simmering the mixture over low heat for about twenty minutes. The infusion should soak overnight, and then in the morning, drain and separate the raisins from the water. This infusion can be consumed both cold or hot, what matters is to always consume it on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before breakfast.

As a general indication, remember to always use darker raisins or even better to buy those that you are certain to have been produced in a biologically safe environment.

This raisin water treatment can even be repeated once a month since it is a natural remedy and without contraindications.

Please also note that the infusion process greatly lightens the glycemic intake, therefore, the treatment is also indicated for those who are following low-calorie diets.

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