Practical, generous, and chameleon-like make Gemini invaluable people to have in your life -
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Practical, generous, and chameleon-like…
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Practical, generous, and chameleon-like make Gemini invaluable people to have in your life

August 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Always identified as individuals with dual personalities and certain behavioral ambiguities, still, those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini have many more qualities and positive facets than we can imagine.

Gemini is an air sign, free in mind and spirit, able to forge strong relational ties or, on the contrary, to sever them forever.

Here are some good reasons why having a Gemini in your life can be a truly precious gift.

Those born from 21 May to 20 June has a razor-sharp mind, always ready, lively, able to learn quickly and with an aptitude for problem-solving.

Naturally sociable and congenial, they succeed in creating a solid network around themselves, by conveying trust and showing empathy.

Their cheerful temperament makes them ideal companions and stimulating interlocutors, they love to be involved in decision-making processes, they are leaders by nature and they live the problems of others with true understanding and apprehension.

Although they have a very sharp mind they prefer action to too much mulling over situations because it makes them feel blocked.

Gemini knows how to be, indeed they love to be, the soul of the party, but from time to time they need to spend time alone.

When this happens, they may appear to be standoffish, but it is just their way of recharging their batteries and focusing on themselves.

The legend of multiple personalities derives from the fact that a Gemini knows how to adapt their attitude and behavior according to who they have in front of them.

Like chameleons, Gemini can transform according to the need, deciphering those around them on the fly, thanks to their marked intuitiveness.

The many facets of a truly complex and varied interior universe are what make Gemini sometimes difficult to manage.

When you know them well, however, you realize that they are people of incredible generosity and absolute loyalty, with a sense of friendship that is one in a million.

In relationships, particularly in those of love, they do not like bonds and labels very much. Independence is part of their DNA and consequently when they feel their freedom threatened they tend to become restless or even to escape.

One cannot possess a Gemini or be in their possession; one can only decide to stand by him and accept him as he is.


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