4 indications that you might be dealing…
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4 indications that you might be dealing with a fake person

January 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In today's frenetic and hyper-connected world, opportunities to meet and connect are multiplying, but there is no time for everyone to acquire real knowledge about the other person.

On the other hand, this is sometimes an advantage for those who do not like to reveal their true character, who can easily wear the mask that suits them best, without the risk of being discovered.

As a result, unfortunately, there are many deceitful and deliberately false people who happen to cross our path.

However, there are simple and effective ways to unmask them quickly! Just pay attention to the unmistakable characteristics that we reveal here below.

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1. THE SMILE. Fake people do not smile in an authentic way. A smile is natural when it extends to the eyes, which become small and form those famous "crow's feet" 

2. EGOCENTRISM. Rarely will a fake person be really interested in knowing how someone else is doing. Their sole purpose is to focus all their attention on themselves. An authentic and trustworthy person, on the contrary, does not need to be the center of attention, because their character is expressed naturally in what they do.

3. WAYS OF SPEAKING. Usually, fake people start their sentences with "sincerely", "to be honest"; and also phrases like "if I tell you something then you will get angry". These are ways of speaking that are used to focus attention on themselves. 

4. EXCESSIVE FLATTERY. Always in order to win the sympathy and attention of others, fake people use flattery, at any time and at every opportunity, to the point where it often seems excessive and out of place.  Remember that this is not about making real compliments, but about other ways to show off and to get people's attention. 

Of course, every person is different from the other - and so are fake people. Some may be particularly astute in the art of dissimulation, and in these cases, it is necessary to rely on other tell-tale signs. Do you know any other signs? Share your tip-offs and experiences with us!


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