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10 character qualities a person might…
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10 character qualities a person might develop after they've experienced something traumatic

December 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Life does not reserve for us - unfortunately - only moments of joy and serenity; indeed, sometimes it seems that problems accumulate one after the other or that we attract calamities.

In reality, every type of experience is an integral part of existence, and often it is precisely the unpleasant and painful ones that enable us to move forward. 

Addressing a trauma means facing a situation that destabilizes the normalcy of our life: therefore, it requires the use of new tools to overcome it. 

Aspects of our personality that we did not know we had, emerge and this renewed self-awareness is reflected as a light focused on everything around us. We feel and we are stronger because we have been put to the test and we have emerged victorious, despite the suffering. 

Here are the 10 personal qualities that are obtained as a result of overcoming a traumatic experience.

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  • 1. Greater empathy. Overcoming a traumatic event reinforces the empathic capacity of those who experience it; it is as if suffering makes you more sensitive to other people's sentiments and moods. A capacity that proves extremely useful in establishing relationships with others. 
  • 2. Greater perspicacity. Those who live a negative experience will be able to better understand the details of each situation, and also their consequences: in fact, they will be able to "feel" lies and subterfuges. 
  • 3. Intuitiveness. The greater empathic capacity of those who have overcome a trauma allows them to "see" beyond the appearance of things, sensing precisely the hidden states of mind of the people with whom they come into contact.
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  • 4. More effective communication. The new sensibility acquired as a result of a painful event makes it possible to describe intense emotional experiences in the best possible way and in great detail. 
  • 5. Ability to be alone. The ability to appreciate solitude and being alone is precisely what those who have experienced a traumatic experience learn. In fact, solitude allows a person to better connect with their inner self. 
  • 6. Great generosity. Only those who have suffered greatly know the profound value of receiving a gift, which also satisfies those who give it. Therefore, they help others in a disinterested way, and strive to put at the service of others, their new skills, and resources, to build a better world.
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  • 7. Being kind-hearted. Those who have had a difficult experience always treat each other with respect, because they do not believe themselves better than others. This is because they have also encountered unpleasant surprises and situations in their own life. 
  • 8. Detachment from material goods. The person who has suffered knows the authentic values of life and knows that they cannot be bought. Happiness does not come from objects, but from within - which results in the joy of sharing with others - friends or strangers - and a constantly evolving self-awareness. 
  • 9. Maximum reliability. Anyone who has experienced a traumatic experience is a trustworthy person, who says what he or she thinks. Therefore, you can count on them because they really know how others feel. 
  • 10. Politeness. The increased sensitivity of those who have suffered makes them particularly inclined to use good manners when addressing others.

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