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"The ode to calm" by the Dalai Lama,…
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"The ode to calm" by the Dalai Lama, the perfect advice to regain inner equilibrium


In the hectic life of every day, we find it difficult to carve out a moment of true calm, in which to feel relaxed and serene, far from our problems. And yet, having time to relax and reach a state of quiet calm is essential to be able to regain our inner equilibrium - and this is why we cannot wait for holidays. 

We must, therefore, devote some time each day to seek a state of calmness: this does not mean the absence of problems, but rather a feeling of inner serenity that allows us to understand how to perform better and accept what we cannot change without letting ourselves be discouraged. 

In Buddhism, being calm is fundamental: it requires a calm mind, to slow down an incessant flow of emotions and thoughts to achieve inner peace - with the help of a poem by the Dalai Lama.

 It is an ode to calm that is very important in the practice of yoga and meditation, and reads like this: 

"It's called calm and it has cost me a lot of storms. 

It's called calm and when it disappears, I search for it again. 

It is called calm and it teaches me to breathe, to think, and to rethink. 

It is called calm and when madness tries to get the upper hand, it takes over with courageous winds to dominate. 

It is called calm and arrives after the years of the ambition of the young and the loose tongue and when the cold womb generate more silence and more wisdom. 

It is called calmness when you learn to love well; when egoism gives rise to giving; and non-conformity fades; to open a heart and soul giving everything to those who want to receive and give. 

It is called calm when friendship is so sincere that all the masks fall and everything can be said. 

It is called calm and the world eludes it, ignores it, inventing wars that no one will never win. 

It is called calm when you can enjoy silence; when the sounds are not only music and madness; but also the wind, the birds, good company or the sound of the sea. 

It is called calm and you do not pay anything for it, there is no coin of any color that can cover its value when it becomes a reality. 

It is called calm and it cost me a lot of storms and I would have passed through them a thousand times until I had found it again. 

It is called calm, I like it, respect it, and I do not want to lose it ..."

Now you just have to make time every day to be able to reread this and be inspired. :)

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