According to the zodiac the ideal wives are Aries, Cancer, and above all Leo: Whoever finds them should hold on to them -
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According to the zodiac the ideal wives…
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According to the zodiac the ideal wives are Aries, Cancer, and above all Leo: Whoever finds them should hold on to them

August 02, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Marriage is an important step in everyone's life. While making this decision, there are many factors to consider before embarking on this adventure.

However, such things as affinities or differences in character, a desire for a long-term relationship or unconditional love may not be the only things that matter.

Astrology identifies women who belong to three zodiac signs in particular as "perfect wives", that is women who, if a person loves them, will know how to give their partner constant and lasting happiness like no other.

One of these, however, has something extra ... and she is particularly irresistible to the male sex, so much so that every man who comes in contact with her irresistible charms loses his head!

1. Cancer: emotional, sincere, honest

True, Cancer women are very emotional, so much so that they can create dramas or tragedies from even seemingly insignificant incidents.

However, having a Cancer woman by your side can be fortunate. The women of this zodiac sign manage to be incredibly sincere, open and determined regarding the objectives that they want to achieve.

Precisely because of this tendency towards unfailing sincerity, a Cancer woman seeks the same transparency and honesty in her partner.

Moreover, if she finds the right one, she is able to give, unconditionally, the very best of herself, both to her partner and their family.

2. Aries women, stubborn but strong

Stubbornness is the most well-known characteristic of those born under the sign of Aries, be it a man or a woman.

Not always, however, does this character trait represent a defect. Aries women are indeed strong, motivated, incredibly determined and it is not easy for a person to be noticed by them.

In fact, with them, it is essential to keep their interest alive day after day, to propose new ideas and frequent changes. This is what she looks for in a partner, as well as in her children, with whom she is rather severe and a "perfectionist".

Keywords for her are determination, strength, and stubbornness. Consequently, if a person is not like this, then there is no hope of pleasing an Aries woman!


3. We have saved the best for last ... Leo women!

Yes, last but definitely not least, are the women who were born between 23 July and 23 August.

Pure, true, sincere, often too direct --- Leo women are naturally like this and since they are also real "predators", no man can remain indifferent to their charms.

She gives respect to her partner and, obviously, she looks for similar treatment from him.

For her partner and her children, she will always fight passionately, because - just like a mother lioness - defending her family is her priority.

On the other hand, her independence and her tendency to never compromise can sometimes give rise to problems, but in the end, it is precisely in this tendency where her enormous charm lies!

What do you think? Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions or do you know any women born in these three zodiac signs?


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