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A woman had lost her engagement ring…
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A woman had lost her engagement ring in her garden and over 60 years later it is found stuck on a carrot!

July 31, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That night, Colleen Daly had decided that she wanted to make a nice salad, so she went out to her old backyard garden to get some lettuce and other salad vegetables.

Colleen's backyard garden had a long and wonderful history behind it. In fact, for over 100 years, this garden had fed Colleen's husband's family and now it continued to serve the same honorable purpose.

Moreover, Colleen's husband had grown up in that garden where his mother also used to gather vegetables and lettuce to make salads.

However, on that evening, when Colleen went to the garden to get the salad vegetables, she noticed something strange --- a gold engagement ring stuck in a carrot!

Immediately, the woman took the carrot and showed it to her husband Brian and right away, he thought he knew who the ring probably belonged to!

via: BBC

In fact, thirteen years before this mysterious discovery, Brian's mother Mary Grams and his father Norman had lived on that property. However, one evening, many years ago, as per tradition, Mary went to her family's backyard garden to get some vegetables to prepare a salad. However, while she was busy gathering the vegetables, she lost her engagement ring!

At the time, Mary had been wearing that engagement ring since 1951, a year before the two got married. She did not tell anyone about losing the ring, much less her fiancé Norman who surely would have been very displeased.

What Mary had done was to simply go to a jewelry store where she had bought the cheapest engagement ring that she could find. Apparently, Norman, her fiancé had never even noticed the difference!

After many years, the elderly couple moved to another house, in Camrose, while their son Brian and his wife, Colleen decided to take the family house with the lovely backyard garden.

So, the night Colleen had found the ring, she immediately ran to her husband, who had wasted no time and  had called his mother and asked her: "Mom, have you ever lost an engagement ring?"

That evening, not only did the garden feed the Grams family as it had always done in the last 100 years, but it also gave back to Mary a very important object connected to a very special memory.

After 60 years of marriage, that engagement ring that Mary Grams had believed lost forever, returned to her as a testimony to all the love she had felt for her husband, Norman, who unfortunately had passed away six years before the ring had been found.

Remembering her husband and his sense of humor, Mary has said, "If I could go back, I think I would tell him." 

Now, for sure, Mary will make certain that she never loses that precious memory object again and every time she has to do some outdoor activity, she will put it in a safe place.

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