A mother throws her gay son out of the house, and his maternal grandfather defends him by telling her: "You are the one who is against nature!". - WTVideo.com
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A mother throws her gay son out of the…
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A mother throws her gay son out of the house, and his maternal grandfather defends him by telling her: "You are the one who is against nature!".

July 26, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

"Dear Christine, I am disappointed in you as a daughter. You're correct that we have a "shame in the family", but mistaken about who it is. If you find your heart, call us."

Thus began the letter that a grandfather decided to write to his daughter Christine, defending his gay grandson Chad.

These are harsh words, which the elderly man apparently was no longer able to hold back.

Thus, by taking such a well-defined position, he demonstrates how sometimes elderly people manage to have much more objective and open views than some young people.

But let's see what has generated so much dissent in the family.

via: Huffpost
image: Reddit

What originated the letter was Christine's decision to throw her son Chad out of the house after the latter told his mother that he was gay and was in a love relationship with another man.

Maybe it is hard to believe, but it is true. Although we believe we live in a society more advanced than in the past - also from the point of view of civil rights and equality - sometimes things are not exactly this way.

In fact, some people still fail to accept that love can be a universal feeling and that it also includes people of the same sex.

Case in point is Chad's mother who, in the name of the religious precepts according to which she had raised her son, his sexual orientation was to be "punished", as a real "offense" against these precepts.

And it is here that the grandfather intervened, who decided to teach his daughter an important lesson. Just as she had done with her son, the elderly man decided to "disown her", and to stop talking to her until she could realize that what she had done was wrong and repented.

"Throwing Chad out of the house simply because he told you he's gay is the real abomination," says the words that were written by Christine's father. "A parent who disowns their child is what goes against nature".

Furthermore, Chad's grandfather clearly stated in the letter that he wrote to his daughter, that from that moment on, he would personally take care of his grandson, dismissing his daughter's attitudes and opinions as being very offensive.

"The only intelligent thing I heard you say in all this was that you didn't raise your child to be gay. Of course not. He was born this way and didn't choose this any more than he chose to be left-handed. You, however, have chosen to be hurtful, narrow-minded, and backward."

Obviously, this is a clear and real disowning of his own daughter, therefore, not very different from the refusal that Christine had made her son Chad suffer. From his words emerge all the affection that grandparents often feel towards their grandchildren, which is sometimes proven to be even greater than the affection they feel for their own children.

In any case, love is love, regardless of the sex of the people who experience this emotion. It would be better to try to understand this concept and its universal application. Thus, leaving everyone free to live love as they see fit, without pretending to have the right to judge personal choices; especially those that do not cause any harm to anyone.


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