6 valid reasons why a good divorce is much better than a bad marriage

by Shirley Marie Bradby

July 18, 2019

6 valid reasons why a good divorce is much better than a bad marriage

Today, marriages that last a lifetime are increasingly rare.

Perhaps people get married too lightheartedly and with not enough emotional maturity.

Moreover, many married couples end their relationship at the first sign of difficulties, or perhaps there too many other "distractions".

On the other hand, even in the past, marriages could be unhappy, and it was only due to cultural traditions that couples did not even dare to think about separating and thereby condemning themselves to an unhappy existence.

But as they say, "Virtue is in the middle". Therefore, a good divorce is better than a bad marriage, and here's why!

6 valid reasons why a good divorce is much better than a bad marriage - 1
  • You can devote yourself to your personal growth. When one is trapped in a suffocating relationship one often neglects or forgets their own hobbies and passions. Once free, you can start doing what used to give you joy or cultivate a talent, learn new things, or discover unexpected abilities. 
  • Take better care of our appearance. A married life without any outlets is a road that inevitably leads to monotony, so you end up neglecting yourself and becoming a shadow of what you once were. Those who divorce begin to think about their own health and appearance, thereby regaining their self-esteem and putting the joy back into their life. 
  • The children also benefit. All the children of divorced parents want mom and dad to get back together, at least at the beginning. However, as children become older they realize that there will probably always be a fracture between their parents and that it will never heal. Better to divorce as friends rather than stay together as enemies. 
  • Having met the wrong person, now it is time for the right one. The end of a marriage is certainly a small defeat but it also brings with it a precious life lesson. Now you know yourself better, you know what you want, and what you do not want, so you can start anew with a significant advantage.
6 valid reasons why a good divorce is much better than a bad marriage - 2
  • You lose a spouse but you find happiness. A marriage that does not work is a prison that you slowly get used to. When it ends, there is always confusion and one feels lost and sad because an important chapter of your life has ended. But soon it turns out that you had just become accustomed to the everyday routine, and now your future can and will be much brighter. 
  • Your health will thank you. Constant hostility in the home is a source of all kinds of disorders, both psychological and physical. For your own well-being, better to make a clean break! And you will immediately feel lighter, with much less anxiety, and discover once more that optimism that you thought had been lost forever. 

In light of what has been said, it seems that "within every cloud, there is a silver lining"! So, before it is too late to start a new life, it is better to face reality. Talk to your partner with lucidity and respect --- and serenely admit to having arrived at the end of your road together.