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A boy accidentally ingests a bristle…
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A boy accidentally ingests a bristle from a barbecue grill cleaning brush and now doctors do not recommend this tool for home use!


The home is the place that has always been associated with tranquility and security, the ultimate refuge that provides protection from all the dangers of the outside world.

Despite this, statistically, a considerable percentage of accidents, even serious ones, take place precisely, inside the home.

These are often unpredictable circumstances, insidious dangers that lie in wait due to simple forgetfulness or distraction.

One of these is the seemingly innocuous barbecue grill cleaning brush.

image: Imgur / therealhoward

In this account, it was 10-year-old Brady Tovell, who almost risked his life due to a small and unthinkable error. It all started one night when the boy woke up with severe abdominal pain.

At first, his parents thought it was common indigestion but his condition quickly began to worsen, so much so that Brady started repeatedly vomiting for the next 15 hours. It was obvious that it was something much more serious.

Consequently, Brady was then rushed to the hospital with suspicion of appendicitis. An ultrasound scan revealed fluid in the abdomen, so the medical team prepared for abdominal exploratory surgery and possibly for the removal of the appendix.

The operation was successful, but after two hours in the operating room, his parents were told that it was actually something quite different that was the cause of the problem.

In fact, a metal bristle, probably detached from a metal brush used for cleaning the barbecue grill, had been inadvertently ingested and had damaged the boy's intestines.

Fortunately, the operation went well and Brady is no longer in critical condition, although the recovery phase will be anything but rapid or easy.

The boy's mother and father shared their story on Facebook to alert everyone and other families about this kind of unthinkable threat inside our homes.

This incident is actually not as rare as it might seem, as it has been reported that several other people have arrived at various hospitals with similar symptoms or with throat pain, caused by the involuntary ingestion of an identical foreign object.

In fact, when a metal wire such as a bristle reaches the digestive tract, the consequences are unpredictable. In these cases, the diagnosis can be difficult and very complex.

Therefore, as a warning, it is much better to simply throw away barbecue grill cleaning tools such as these brushes that are old and worn out and use alternative and safer cleaning methods!

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