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A nurse returns home after a 14-hour…
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A nurse returns home after a 14-hour shift: her husband takes her picture and writes words explaining what it means to work in a ward


At the top of the list of the most precious, beautiful, and at the same time difficult professions is certainly that of the paramedic or nurse.

Here we are speaking about those who daily spend endless and exhausting hours taking care of people, alleviating their suffering, assisting them in illness, in healing, and in comforting family members in their moment of loss.

In fact, this article is dedicated to all health care professionals, angels without wings and our everyday heroes!

Philip Urtz is originally from Rome, Italy but lives in New York, and he is married to Jessica, who is a professional nurse. His wife faces every day with passion, dedication, and love, assisting people of every sex, age, and ethnicity who fight their little or huge battles for health and life. 

Consequently, when she returns home she is so tired that she has just enough time to eat something on the fly, go to bed, and try to rest and recuperate for another day. This unrelenting routine is almost always the same, getting up very early, taking a shower, preparing meals, a goodbye kiss for her husband and dog and then off to work. 

On one of those countless days just like the others, after a 14-hour shift and a frugal meal, Philip decided to do something to honor her tireless effort by posting a message on social media that soon went viral. Here's what he wrote:

"This is a photo of my wife Jessica, she is eating a sandwich after a 14-hour shift and when she finishes she will go to bed immediately because tomorrow she will have to face another hard day. In the hospital, she assists those who suffer from an illness, an accident, a fracture or anything else. She is the guardian angel of sisters, brothers, friends, families, mothers, and fathers. 

She has no time for lunch and can rarely find a moment to sit down. When she comes back home, she takes off her shoes, the same ones that have walked through blood and tears, she just wants a moment's pause, and I don't ask her about anything because I know she doesn't like talking about what she did or saw at work. What matters is that she knows that if she wants I am there to listen to her.


Sometimes I happen to see her cheerful, sometimes she is very sad, but despite her mood or how she feels, she is always ready for her next shift. My wife is an extraordinary nurse, she is my heroine, she is the love of my life and I love her with all my heart ”. 

Philip's words are ideally dedicated to every man or woman who performs the same job as Jessica, an act of courage, of respect for each individual, and a gesture of incredible strength that often goes ignored.

Nurses do their job without asking to be celebrated and without expecting anything beyond their pay, which is very low in proportion to what they do! So, here for once, we dedicate these words of gratitude to all of them, and we say loudly and publicly ..."Thank you!"

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