5 DIY remedies that are 100% natural to tackle the onslaught of mosquitoes!

Shirley Marie Bradby

July 13, 2019

5 DIY remedies that are 100% natural to tackle the onslaught of mosquitoes!

With the arrival of summer, as punctual as a Swiss watch comes the invasion of every type of insect to seriously disturb the tranquility of our summer evenings and our much-needed sleep.

Furthermore, there is no need to add, that during the hot summer months, among the most "annoying" insects, are without a doubt, the notorious mosquitoes!

The most diverse remedies are useless; these ravenous insects do not yield to our mosquito lures or traps and continue to disturb us with their buzzing and their bites.

But here is a roundup of natural and do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies that can definitely make them stay away!


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  • Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds can be placed in some containers and left open for a few days in places where we think there are mosquito colonies. The coffee grounds can also be left in the flower pot saucers for a few days, making sure, however, that once the plants are watered, no pools of water remain. This would attract even more insects instead of driving them away! 
  • Onion and cloves: If left in the house for a few days, and in strategic positions where insects usually enter, a saucer with half an onion and some cloves, produces a smell that will diffuse in the air and considerably discourage the presence of mosquitoes.


  • Bat house: Bats are among the sworn enemies of mosquitoes. Although they are not very pleasing to the eye and above all not very friendly to human beings, these nocturnal creatures love eating insects, especially mosquitoes! Placing a "bat house" on a tree near your home or on an external wall of your house can be the ideal solution to say goodbye to annoying insects. 
  • Aromatic plants: Having at home some of the following aromatic plants can keep mosquitoes away while at the same time making sure that there is always a pleasant smell coming from your balcony! Therefore, we advise you to plant the following: mint, citronella, rosemary, and lavender.


  • Vinegar and lemon: This is a mixture that can be prepared easily at home to eliminate annoying insects. It simply consists of vinegar and lemon placed inside a small bowl. Of course, for a few days, your house will not have a particularly inviting smell, but it will certainly and most definitely keep the most hated insects of the hot summer season away! 

These are just some of the DIY and 100% natural remedies that can be very useful in helping manage the usual summer invasion of bothersome mosquitoes, and were sure that several of them could be just what you need!