Nail biting can be very dangerous and the sad story of this man shows us why -
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Nail biting can be very dangerous and…
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Nail biting can be very dangerous and the sad story of this man shows us why

July 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Nail biting is undoubtedly one of the most common bad habits in the world, especially among young people.

Those who bite their nails are usually people who are nervous and apprehensive, with consequences that are not only visually or aesthetically unpleasant but can also cause serious health problems.

In fact, witness the tragic case of John Gardener whose "onychophagia" (nailbiting) gave rise to a serious infection that triggered blood poisoning (septicemia) that cost him his life.

image: Facebook

The man, a former soccer referee, had just turned 40, and two weeks prior to his death,  he had undergone surgery to remove a fingertip, which was seriously damaged due to compulsive nailbiting.

Unfortunately, this condition generated a septic infection that caused a heart attack. John Gardener had struggled all his life with disorders such as anxiety and depression for which he had been treated multiple times.

He vented his anxious and nervous temperament by biting his nails to the quick and frequently making them bleed, so much so that many reported that his hands and fingers were always in a very bad state. 

The forensic doctors who were called in to investigate the case stated that the onychophagia had caused his fingers to lose their sensitivity and that these symptoms, together with the continuous bleeding, were clearly warning signals for much more serious eventualities.

Gardner was also diabetic, a condition that certainly did not help his clinical situation but instead, accelerated what later happened. During his hospitalization, he was treated with multiple rounds of antibiotics that seemed to have positive effects, so much so that John seemed to show signs of improvement.

image: Facebook

Unfortunately, his condition suddenly deteriorated, leading to the cardiac arrest that caused his death.

This sad and absurd episode serves as a warning to all those who are affected by this disorder that manifests itself in very mild forms up to the most devastating and invalidating conditions. 

Nail biting can also cause dental problems, gastrointestinal disturbances, finger deformations and last but not least, greater vulnerability to viruses and bacteria. Better to chew gum, distract yourself with puzzles, or squeeze a ball in your hands as an antistress tool.

In the more serious cases, we must not ignore the problem but instead get help from a specialist!

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