Woman seeks help from young skateboarders…
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Woman seeks help from young skateboarders after being chased by a stranger for 40 minutes

July 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we walk in the street, even in places that are very familiar to us, we must always keep our eyes open because we don't know what could happen to us. Potentially, any of us could be victims of harassment, but there is no doubt that women are easy targets, especially when walking alone on the street. Canadian Jamie Coutts had a bad experience in this regard, which fortunately didn't have terrible consequences. The woman was followed by a stranger for forty minutes: what should have been a normal walk to run errands, has turned into hell for Jamie! The woman, to protect herself at a minimum, began filming her stalker as she kept walking. Eventually, Jamie managed to get help from a group of skateboarders, who made her feel safe and turned the shady individual away.

Jamie didn't expect that at half past five in the afternoon, in a busily populated Vancouver neighborhood, a stranger would harass her with his presence. In fact, harassment can occur at any time of day and in any form - luckily, the woman knew how to defend herself. After almost 40 minutes of walking, the stalker continued to follow her, neighborhood after neighborhood, with worrying conviction, so much so that Jamie took her cell phone and filmed the situation. A rather obvious situation, according to the woman: "He seemed to have no fear, he followed me knowing that people were watching him, in the video you can see passers-by looking confused and looking at me because I was holding the cell phone right in front of me, and it was obvious to everyone that I was trying to see what was happening behind me."

From the video it is clear how the stalker has no intention of stopping; the man only backs away when other passersby passes the woman. In the last 7 minutes of the walk, Jamie filmed everything and, looking at the video, the man's intentions are certainly not misunderstood: he was following her on purpose and with a lot of persistance. Why? We don't know, but Jamie has received comments from other viewers who claim to have had such an experience with a stranger "similar" to the one that appears in the video. The woman eventually made it to a skate park, where several boys and girls were having fun with their wheels. Without hesitation, Jamie asked some of them if she could stay there, in their company, explaining the situation. The stranger followed her to the skate park and remained motionless waiting for her until one of the boys approached him to threaten him and chase him away. 


The last 7 minutes of terror experienced by poor Jamie:

Pubblicato da Jamie Coutts su Giovedì 18 marzo 2021

After the episode, Jamie alerted the Vancouver police to her unfortunate experience. The police complimented Jamie's coolness and shrewdness in using her cell phone as a defense weapon.

A personal story that reminds us how it's always good to keep our eyes open!

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