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Wanted "cuddlers" for abandoned babies!…
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Wanted "cuddlers" for abandoned babies! This initiative of this association reminds us of the extreme importance of love

June 04, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Contrary to what one might think, affection is a primary need for human beings. And it is even more so for newborns, who, in a sense, also "feed on" affection, warmth, and love.

Thanks to the contact with an adult human being, a newborn child receives important benefits both physically and mentally.

A study, conducted on a sample of newborn babies living in conditions of emotional deprivation, performed by Dr. René Spitz, highlighted a connection between motor diseases, sight, speech, and newborn babies.

It would also seem that a connection with cases of premature infant mortality has emerged.

This confirms that love and affection are fundamental from the very first days of a baby's life. Loving and affectionate contact makes us feel safe, serene, and nourishes our deepest inner needs.

Hence, the idea of ​​the US volunteer agency Spence-Chapin that has begun to recruit volunteers to cuddle abandoned babies who are from 2 to 6 weeks old.

The volunteers, after a targeted training, must do nothing but pamper these newborn babies, to provide them with moments of pure affection and love, when spending time together.

Very often, volunteers take photos that can be preserved as a testimony for these children, of the love and care they received as newborn babies.

The idea for volunteer "cuddlers" has also arrived in other countries, such as Italy, thanks to the Dharma association that operates with its 300 volunteers in Italy, specifically in the area around the city of Brescia.

These initiatives are fundamental because if it is important to nourish the body, it is all the more important to nourish the soul.

Especially the innocent souls of so many abandoned babies. After all, giving is also receiving and giving love and cuddles to newborn babies, means that we will receive twice as much.


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