Husbands can be more stressful for their wives than even their children, some polls suggest -
Husbands can be more stressful for their…
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Husbands can be more stressful for their wives than even their children, some polls suggest

June 03, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That married women can feel more stress than single women is no secret.

Children, home, family and work, they are all highly "stressful" factors. But, surprisingly, it is the husbands who contribute greatly to the stress of the wives. And much more than children do.

Often, a husband behaves like an extra child, with the difference that a child is expected to be a child, and therefore many "childish" reactions and situations are tolerated.

But, certainly, when a 35-year-old man behaves like a 7-year-old child, it is not as easy to accept or justify.


Thus, while the mothers deal with the purely practical management of family life, from health to good manners, from schooling to socialization, fathers end up becoming the perfect playmate.

It seems a bit like the story of the "bad cop" and the "good cop", guess who is who?

Instead, it is important to share the responsibility for the daily care of children so as to alleviate the tasks of mothers, who on the other hand, should in turn also delegate more and not necessarily do everything by themselves.

Another sore point is that of household chores that exposes mothers to a high level of stress and one out of five women complains about her husband's lack of help.

Moreover, there are many other activities that are important for the well-being of the entire family and this can become overwhelming for a single person.

Both spouses should be engaged in meeting the needs of the family and also appreciate each other's efforts. And just like a cog in a watch, both should work together for a single purpose: serenity in the family. And, one thing is certain, if the wife is stressed, no one in the family will benefit.

Considering all the duties of wives and mothers, to which is often added a full-time job, very little time remains for themselves. And this does nothing but exacerbate malaise and guilt. 

It would be enough to remember that there are two adults in the family, that they must encourage each other and collaborate, support each other in decisions, and help each other wherever possible, in the practical and emotional management of the family.

Because family is, first of all, sharing. Consequently, combining efforts for a common serenity ... is extremely beneficial for everyone! 


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