Here is why it is better to avoid physically punishing children: There are more effective alternatives! -
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Here is why it is better to avoid physically…
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Here is why it is better to avoid physically punishing children: There are more effective alternatives!

May 30, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Raising and educating children today is a rather complex topic regarding family dynamics.

The greater difficulty in managing younger generations is often mixed with the shortcomings of the school system and the lack of preparation of individuals for their role as parents.

It is a common perception that once everything was easier, but this is only partially true. The use of corporal punishment was normal, but many today, think it is a wrong and harmful strategy.


Those who are older in years frequently talk about how the use of corporal punishment to induce obedience was a common habit, as well as an effective way to raise respectful children.

It was a different era, other ways of thinking about raising children were in vogue, and in any case, some people feel that for those who managed to grow up to be balanced and healthy adults, that it was a result obtained "despite" corporal punishment and certainly not thanks to it. 

Without reaching the extreme of maltreatment, also today there are many domestic environments in which children regularly receive corporal punishment when they make what their parents consider to be serious mistakes or refuse to follow the rules that are requested of them.

Recent psychological studies, however, show that often these methods, besides not always being effective, are above all dangerous for the psychophysical health of children, at any stage of their development. Children are helpless before the strength of an adult and this can cause real fear and confusion in their mind

In addition, when they are slapped or spanked all the time, they doubt their parents' love for them and feel that their whole world is unsettled and insecure. Furthermore, such punishment when regularly applied ends up undermining the immune system of a growing child, causing health issues of various kinds to appear.


It is statistically proven that children raised in violent environments are much more likely to become delinquents when they are older or in turn abusive parents.

Corporal punishment teaches children that violence is the only way to resolve conflicts, while their fathers and mothers only show their own inadequacy and immaturity.

Among the most valid alternatives, there is dialogue, that helps the child understand why they should behave in a certain way so that they understand their mistake.

You can even "indulge" yourself in some punishment, but this can be accomplished by, for example, making the child stand in a corner in silence or temporarily take away their toys.

In this way, discipline is applied without, however, resorting to physical punishment.

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