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If you love wearing your hair short,…
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If you love wearing your hair short, here is what it reveals about your personality

May 18, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For many people, hair represents a large part of a woman's charm, after all, hair frames the face, softens facial features, hides defects, and highlights qualities.

Beyond this, however, long and thick hair has almost always been considered to be a proper iconic symbol of female beauty and it is a model imposed and fixed in the collective imagination.

Therefore, experimenting with a short hairstyle is not only a fashion trend but it can become a real affirmation of personal freedom.

image: Pxhere

In fact, even in this modern era, there are still those who identify in long hair one of the essential features that describe femininity. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many women resort to small stratagems like hair extensions to thicken their hair or even wigs to be able to have beautiful hair.

Nevertheless, "androgynous" hairstyles have been accepted for quite some time now and with a fair amount of success. Like for example, in the case of the sweet and gentle Sinead O'Connor, a famous pop singer in the 1990s. And, even further back in time, there was Twiggy Lawson aka Twiggy, a supermodel from the 1960s who launched the bob cut hairstyle and even inspired Mattel, an American toy company,  to create a Barbie doll with Twiggy's features. 

But all this was not enough and often when a woman makes the "dramatic" decision to cut her hair short, the first thing that others think is that she is sick or they taunt her with annoying jokes. Yet going against the tide, can help to regain contact with one's inner self, as confirmed by all the courageous people who have taken this daring step.

One of these is the famous Brazilian actress, Deborah Secco, who celebrated this transformation by having her hair cut live in front of the TV cameras. The drastic change helped her not only to step into the shoes of the new character she was to play in the Brazilian TV soap opera  Segundo Sol (English: A Second Chance) but to also make a clean break from her old self.

image: Max Pixel

The issue of hair length for both men and women is long and complex, but at the base, there is still some unvoiced gender discrimination. In fact, many female actors and models that represent a certain image are forbidden by contract to cut their hair, almost as if they serve to maintain a sort of social balance.

image: Unsplash

Anthropologically, men began to choose to cut their hair simply because long hair can be inconvenient while hunting or in battle, while for women it was a symbol of beauty and youth and therefore of fertility.

A woman may be more or less attractive, but her essence lies neither in her hair nor in any other attribute of her body, but rather in her self-esteem and her uniqueness as an individual.


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