Some telltale phrases your partner might…
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Some telltale phrases your partner might say when they are no longer in love with you

June 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The signs of being in love are unequivocal, it is really difficult not to notice this feeling in a person. In the same way, it is also very easy to understand when a person is no longer in love.

When you are living a love story, however, it is just as easy to be so emotionally involved that you cannot see the situation objectively, or you cannot see reality for what it is.

There are some signs, however, in particular, some words and phrases, which clearly reveal the disenchantment of one's partner.

"I wish had never met you!"

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This is usually said in a moment of anger, but the regret of having spent time with a person, of having shared experiences with them should make us reflect, and a lot. The love relationship with one's partner may not be successful, but it is rare to regret that it even existed, in the first place. 

"Do whatever you want"

When a person is no longer interested in what their partner does, they probably do not feel any real love for them. 

"I don't owe you any explanations"

In a couple, it is normal in the evening to talk about how the day went or some particular event. If a partner refuses to talk about their day, and they do it in an irritated way, it means that they have no interest in sharing it with you and listening to your opinions about it.

"If you do not like me as I am --- then find someone else!"

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Although a person does not have to change for anyone, making changes for love is spontaneous and natural. If when faced with a problem, a partner excludes any possibility of change or flexibility, it means that they have no interest in doing so for the person they should love. 

"This is your problem!"

In a couple, the problems of one are the problems of the other. When there is no sharing of difficulties or the predisposition to give at least some moral support, probably everything else is also missing.


"You are lying to me"

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Not only does this statement reveal a lack of trust, but it could also be used as a pretext to start an argument. 

"I don't feel like talking about it"

To maintain a stable and healthy relationship, talking is the basis of everything. When there is no communication, we lose the sense of union and trust that should always be present in a couple.


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