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If you forgive too many times, then…
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If you forgive too many times, then others will get used to treating you with no respect!


Forgiveness is like a balm for the soul that not only lightens the weight of those who have committed a bad deed and are repentant, but it also alleviates the pain of those who have suffered it.

In fact, anger and resentment only generate more evil and prevent happiness. Forgiveness should be bestowed as a precious gift, not to be wasted.

Forgiving is a noble act that must not be taken for granted, otherwise, those who grant it may lose the respect of those who receive it.

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When you forgive someone you make peace with your past, dive into the present, and welcome the future with confidence. However, forgiving is different from forgetting, because even if you decide to "let bygones be bygones", you must still learn from the experience.

Accepting an apology means giving someone a second chance, the opportunity to change their behavior, and also to change their attitude when and if the same circumstances repeat themselves. Whoever has regained the trust of the person to whom they have harmed or damaged must not confuse it with impunity. 

Turning the page instead means accepting more responsibility because normally the shared experience, for better or for worse, needs to have served for both to grow and to become better. Abusing forgiveness is unforgivable, because it is like playing with karma and putting chaos back where order was restored.

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It is often said that one appreciates what one has only when one loses it, so perhaps, for some people, a serious disagreement, at work, in friendship or in love, can be the only way to truly understand and express repentance.

If once, someone has been forgiven, they persist in their mistakes, then it is your duty to take this gift back, defending your self-esteem, self-respect, and well-being.

Not everyone is able or even really wants to change, even after they have been forgiven and for this reason, we must learn to distinguish those who are worthy from those who never will be.

This is a very precious life lesson that everyone, at least once in a lifetime, should learn and treasure.


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