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7 things that only a strong mother can…
If you forgive too many times, then others will get used to treating you with no respect! She gives birth at the age of 60, but her husband decides to abandon her when the baby starts keeping him up at night!

7 things that only a strong mother can teach her daughter


For a daughter, a mother is a real mentor, someone who assists her in developing her individual abilities, helps her to understand what she is capable of, and encourages her to get to know herself better every day.

But above all, a mother is a loving guide, with a gentle hand that accompanies you along the path until the time to walk by yourself arrives.

But in between time, there are some important things that a woman can learn only from a strong mother. Here they are!

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  • Love unconditionally. A mother gives everything without asking anything in return and this is the purest form of loving and the noblest one. In life, no one else will ever succeed in equating it, but you can choose to be with someone who manages to get pretty close to it. 
  • Being independent. A man for a woman must be an added value, not the part that is missing or an empty space to be filled. An autonomous woman can raise children and have a career also on her own because she has all the skills and resources to do so. 
  • Being self-confident. At every obstacle or defeat, a mother is always there to remind us that we must never give up on achieving our goals. This fosters self-esteem and self-love. 
  • Have faith and be patient. No storm lasts forever, we just have to wait, believe in the wisdom of life and in the guidance of a higher power, even if we cannot yet understand its logic.
  • Become a good mother. No one better than your own mother can teach you how to care for a family. With affection, sacrifices, strength, gentleness, and her priceless example, she not only taught you how to grow up to become a responsible adult but also how to start the cycle of life again.
  • Creating your own happiness. Even in the most difficult conditions, one can always find a reason to enjoy the things one has, the secret is to be able to recognize the small but important gifts of life and be grateful.
  • Overcoming obstacles. In the workplace, sometimes, a woman is not taken seriously or appreciated for what she is worth, but just like everyone else, with hard work, skills, and determination one can make oneself be noticed and be able to make one's voice heard.

The list of what a mother is able to give to a daughter in the course of her life is infinite as well as different because they are all different people, with different ways of loving and transmitting their values. We are not born mothers but when we become one, we understand that we have always possessed that motherly love, that like a sleeping seed that was only waiting for the right moment to sprout.

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