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A pair of new parents have created the…
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A pair of new parents have created the official rules for visiting a newborn baby


The arrival of a newborn baby puts all the friends and relatives of the parents in a good mood and everyone cannot wait to meet the newborn baby!

Often, however, these first encounters are not at all relaxing, especially due to some of the bad behaviors that the visitors unconsciously display that disturb and agitate the new parents!

In fact, unfortunately, some behaviors can be even dangerous for the newborn baby, although these actions, at first glance, seem to be simple gestures of love and affection.

Consequently, more and more new parents would like people to know the rules and practice "using good manners with newborn babies".

In fact, here is a list of ways to be polite and considerate that visitors should always keep in mind, so as to respect mom, dad, and especially the newborn baby!

"Hi, I'm a newborn baby! And everyone in the family knows how to take care of me in the best way ..."

"Nevertheless, when someone comes to visit me, my parents have to often play the role of the "bad guys". So to help Mom and Dad, here is a list of rules that everyone should know before coming to visit me: 

1. No kisses. 
Do not kiss me, in any place or at any time, no matter how delightful I may seem. Do not put your face near my face or my hands, and make sure that you have washed your hands before you even touch me. 

2. If my parents give me to you wrapped in a blanket, do not take it off me --- and the same rule goes for your children as well. 
Newborn babies at my age, tend to be very sensitive to creams, cosmetics, detergents, and perfumes. Therefore, let me stay in my blanket, and I will be safe. 

3. Do not monopolize me. 
Just because you are excited to spend time with me, does not authorize you to hold me more than you should. If I start to cry, give me back to my mom. I need someone to help me calm down, but only my mom or my dad can do that.

image: pixabay

4. Pay attention to the clock. 
As a newborn baby, I often get hungry, feel sleepy, and become nervous, and I need to be changed frequently. If you want to come to visit me, first plan with my parents a visit that lasts less than an hour, so that my parents can take care of me without worrying about hurting your feelings. Also, do not expect to stay to dine: my mom hardly eats and in any case, she does not have time to prepare lunches or dinners. 

5. Do not have big expectations. 
Please, do not expect my mom to call you, send you messages or post millions of photos on social media networks. At the moment, she prefers to keep her eyes on me rather than glued to a digital device screen. 

6. Keep your parenting advice to yourself ... 
Unless you are asked! Instead, try to say a few words of comfort like "It's a tough period, but it will pass", "All this will pass quickly, so enjoy it!", "You're a/good/dad/mom!". 

Many new parents have found these rules very useful and although they are simple, they are almost never taken into consideration. However, never is a moment more important than the arrival of a newborn baby to display sensitivity and respect for the new family!

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