Strong women often attract immature men and here are 6 reasons why this happens -
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Strong women often attract immature…
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Strong women often attract immature men and here are 6 reasons why this happens


Strong women are neither invincible nor infallible, they are simply aware of their own value, they know how to learn from their mistakes and every time they fall, they are able to pick themselves up again.

However, these extraordinary individuals, despite their strong qualities, just like everyone else, they want to love and be loved.

A strong woman wants a partner who is not behind her because he is scared, nor in front of her because he feels in competition, but just simply be by her side.

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Although it is often said that "where there is a will there is a way", and in terms of relationships, strong women, unfortunately, often find themselves dealing with inadequate, immature or untrustworthy men.

Here are some of the strengths of strong women that turn them into magnets that attract the wrong partners: 

  • Independence. "Small" men need to feel indispensable, so they tend to run away when their partner is autonomous and able to be self-sufficient. 
  • Freedom. A strong woman is already free on her own, she is not looking for anyone to save her, no hero who kills the dragon" who is holding her captive, she is herself the warrior in her own story. 
  • Altruism. The ability to give without receiving anything in return is a gift but can be transformed into a condemnation. In spite of what the partner returns in terms of affection and commitment, he is always given another chance, sometimes too many.
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  • Humility. Being humble is different from being humiliated, but some women are convinced that they have too high expectations, so they lower them so as to choose someone who absolutely does not deserve them. 
  • Trust in others. Having a high regard for others does not mean not knowing how to judge. Looking for the good side of everyone is wonderful but someone can take advantage of it. 
  • Self Confidence. Being conscious of what one is worth can make one seem aggressive and this intimidates weak personalities. Rather than feeling encouraged to improve or being proud of having such a companion, many men react as if they are facing a threat, become hurtful, and run away.

Strong women want a life-long traveling companion with whom to "alternate driving", a valid and concrete presence that supports them when they need them and who they can support in turn.

A strong man is someone who does not fear confrontation with anyone, much less with the person he loves.

A strong man does not restrain his companion because he is afraid that she will arrive first in a non-existent competition, but at the same time, he knows how to push and encourage her to realize all her dreams.

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