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"Fall in love with someone that loves…
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"Fall in love with someone that loves you as much as I love you"– a wonderful letter from a father to his daughter!

May 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For a father, his daughter is a perfect being who deserves all the best out of life.

So when she grows up and becomes a woman, independent, and free to make her own choices, a father would like to have the power to guide and defend her from all the dangers that she might encounter on her journey in life.

One of the greatest desires of any father is for the arrival of a man who is able to make his daughter as happy as she deserves to be.

Here is the beautiful letter that a father has dedicated to his adult daughter who will always be his “baby girl”.

“When you look in the mirror you see a woman but in my eyes, you're still my little girl, so small and fragile. I know that I cannot make decisions in your place, but I wish so much that you'd choose a man capable of respecting you and appreciating you for who you are and who will always be able to protect you. 

I would like for you to find someone who looks at you like he has never looked at another woman, a man who is fair, correct, and who will fight for you and with you in the many battles of life. You deserve someone who is man enough to also cook for you and help you with the housework, who knows how to pamper you, and who knows the true value of friendship and family.  

I would like for you to meet the kind of person who not only knows how to tell you how much he loves you, but who proves it with big and small gestures, every single day, walking beside you, holding your hand with pride. For you, I want a man to come into your life who will steal your heart with his kind generosity, who was born to make you happy, and who helps you to overcome all the difficult moments with tenderness and irony.

 "I dream that my little girl will fall in love with someone who does not need to be arrogant to prove their character, but who is humble, and who, among all the treasures of the world, will always see you as the most precious. 

I hope that he is someone who knows the importance of communication in couple relationships, who has his own opinion, that he will defend when he knows that it is right, but who also knows how to take a step back at the right time. I don't want you to always agree with him when there is a real need for another point of view and I hope that he will always listen to you when you have problems and that he values your opinion so much that he will also confide in you if he has any problems. 

Look for someone who does not need you to be happy, but who chooses you because being with you, their happiness doubles. Do not be the "other half" anyone but be the added value to someone who is already complete. Do not settle for what you get but search for what you want, and love someone who loves you as much as I love you.” 

With all my affection, dad 

This a wonderful example of good parenting advice and from these touching words emanate only a father's love that is pure and crystal clear for his daughter. Just as it should be for any father or mother in this world.

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