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Her daughter was born with a birthmark…
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Her daughter was born with a birthmark on her face and the mother creates a campaign to raise awareness about this anomaly.

May 05, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every parent would like to see their children come into the world without pain and in perfect health.

Unfortunately, there are many parents who are forced to accept their children's illnesses and to start fighting together right away.

Carolina Fenner could not wait to hug her first child after giving birth, sure that she was born without any complications.

In fact, the baby's health was fine, but her physical appearance was different from what the prenatal ultrasounds had shown.

Luna, the name given to the child, was born with a rare skin disease.

It is what is called a melanocytic nevus, or rather an abnormal accumulation of melanocytes, commonly known as a mole or a birthmark.

Nevi or moles can be of different sizes, from small to giant. And, in the case of Luna, it is a nevus (birthmark mole) that covers most of her face.

Once the child's healthy physical condition was well established, her mother immediately fell in love with that particular birthmark mole that makes her child unique. The birthmark mole has the shape of a butterfly and because of its position, it looks like a mask.


However, the woman soon began to worry about her daughter's future. Some people could regard her baby daughter with misgiving and imagine some kind of contagious disease.

For this reason, Caroline has decided to start an awareness campaign about melanocytic nevi (birthmark moles) now when her daughter is very young. 

In fact, due to her speaking about this condition and publishing photos of Luna, many people have appreciated the woman's campaign. Moreover, some companies, for example, have shown support and understanding by sending photos of all their employees with a black birthmark on their face, similar to that of Luna.

As an adult Luna, will be able to look at the photos on her mother's Instagram profile and realize that there are many people who know about this condition and who do not hold or display unfounded prejudice.
Luna, meanwhile, has become a little social media star! Her unusual birthmark mole that looks like a butterfly "mask" makes her adorable, and everyone wishes her all the best in life.

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