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When a person passes away, they actually…
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When a person passes away, they actually continue to remain by our side


Sooner or later, the day comes when you are forced to be separated from loved ones.

It can be a family member, a partner or a friend, and when this happens you have to deal with feelings of emptiness, sadness, and loneliness.

Losing someone you love, however, is not a real goodbye, because somehow, in some form, he or she stays close to us to lead the way. Even after life, the affection that binds two people never ceases to exist.

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Death is not the end but the beginning of something magical and mysterious. Even if one can no longer communicate or interact through the senses, one can perceive each other in a much deeper way.

We often forget that those who no longer exist on the material plane, not only leave something of themselves behind but they also take away a part of those who remain in the land of the living.

In this way, for example, memories serve those who still live in this world to find that smile and that face so beloved, and for those who have passed as well to continue to stay in contact.

The inner voices of the living and those who have passed are used by both to maintain the connection and listen to each other without saying a word.

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One leaves a portion of one's soul with the other so that no one really has to feel the weight of separation.

Perhaps, in the beginning, it will be difficult to accept that someone has passed away, and to try to understand it, but in the end, we just have to realize that the person is physically gone, but not actually lost permanently.

For this reason, during one's existence, one must open up, get to know and give love to as many people as possible, because this is the way in which one can capture a piece of eternity and be part of it forever.


The end of the journey is proof that magic has not abandoned this dimension at all, on the contrary, it shows us that in everything there is something sacred and incredible.

Whoever has left has only started on that path that everyone is destined to take, starting first to make sure everything is ready for when the time comes to meet again.

All this may sound like the classic consolatory speech, a way to sweeten that inevitable bitterness, but it is not.

Those who have already lost someone, know personally, the sensation of finding their loved ones in thought, in a dream, or in any moment of the day. Everything ends, but only so that it can begin to truly endure.

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