21 images that show why dogs are full…
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21 images that show why dogs are full members of the family

April 27, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Faithful par excellence, dogs have always been among the pets most favored by human beings.

In fact, humans choose dogs to support them in a thousand different activities: from hunting to sheep-rearing, from guarding property to rescuing and saving lives, these wonderful animals have shown us their capacity and reliability.

However, it is their sweetness and joyous affection that has conquered our hearts, transforming them into real members of our family - as these tender and funny images clearly demonstrate.

1. While all the other dogs are playing, he reads a book together with his owner

2. These dogs must have realized that their mistress was not feeling very well, and decided to give her the cuddles she needs


3. There is no better way to be welcomed back home than with a big hairy hug!

4. A look that reminds you that for him, you are the most important person in the world

5. There is nothing better than relaxing at the park with your best friend


6. Two lovely young "puppies" growing up together

7. Even without explaining it to him, this dog seems to have understood that his owner is pregnant


8. Certain gestures are capable of infinitely multiplying the sweetness of certain moments

9. A true friend is always there in times of need


10. He can't take his eyes off the new little family member

11. This is what is called an "overflowing" look of love

12. From how these two get along, it seems that his parents have found the perfect friend for their son

13. A couple made to be together

14. There are moments to rush to keep your commitments, and others to stop for a little pampering

15. A great way to start the day with the right energy is with a warm embrace from your best friend

16. You can tell your dog everything because he will always be there to listen to you and and love you

17. A young puppy is like a child

18. Your dog takes care of you when you are sick

19. One last hug before departing

20. A perfect and 100% safe cradle

21. As long as you have your dog, you will never be alone

Dogs are truly man's best friends because they will never stop surprising us with their disarming personality and their boundless affection.

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