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Here is why having a grandmother in…
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Here is why having a grandmother in your life is a real blessing!


A very common idea is that "grandmothers experience motherhood twice", which absolutely corresponds to reality.

For a grandchild to have such a figure in one's life is equivalent to a real blessing, because one has all the affection of a parent without the disadvantages of constant reproaches and conflicts.

There is no person in the world who knows how to manifest warmth and love that is so great and unconditional.

Only grandmothers have the following qualities:

  • They can teach others a lot. There is always something to learn from a grandmother, such as activities, and pastimes that from child's play can be transformed into passions or even real professions. 
  • They have a huge heart. At a grandmother's house, all her grandchildren are welcome every day but also their friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, there is room for everyone, and everyone is treated with affection and consideration. 
  • They are the custodians of historical memory. Grandmothers can tell stories about real life that cannot be read even in books and on the Internet. By listening to the events concerning family history, one can learn about one's roots, share memories, and perhaps pass them on to one's children and grandchildren.
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  • They are always able to give comfort. No matter what happens, a grandmother has the ability to make everyone feel safe, mitigate sadness with tenderness and a kind word. They are certain that in the end everything will turn out well, and do everything they can to restore good humor. 
  • They know how to pamper their grandchildren. Whether it is listening to their problems or preparing delicious food and snacks, grandmothers always try to make their precious grandchildren feel happier. Cooking is their secret weapon, and it is the main strategy used to spoil everyone and lift their spirits, and they never fail in their mission.
image: Pixabay

Those who are lucky enough to still have their grandmother should enjoy her presence every day, visit her every time they have some free time, and forget about the clock and their smartphone.

Not everyone has this privilege, and then there are also those who, despite their grandparents still being alive, they do not have a good relationship with them.

In any case, fortunately, for those people who have a lot of affection to offer, there are volunteer organizations that give one the possibility to "adopt a grandmother or a grandfather" and to offer a little of one's time to the elderly who no longer have anyone.

Experiencing and being part of such a volunteer program can be an incredible opportunity for mutual enrichment.

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