In this image, besides a frog, a horse…
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In this image, besides a frog, a horse is hidden. Can you find it?

March 26, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are trying to awaken your sluggish mind, here is a pretty good game that will keep you busy. 

It is about searching for an image in another image, but do not think it is that easy! If we have intrigued you enough, then there is nothing left to do but to test yourself right away. 

Can you find the horse hidden in the portrait of the frog? A little tip: Sharpen your eyes ... and your brain!

This is the image of the frog: inside it is hidden a horse. Can you find it?

image: Facebook

Do not give up right away ... search inch by inch and if you really cannot find it, then go on to our next clue: 

Of the horse, there is only the head and the neck.

Still nothing? Perhaps, it is time to move on to the solution! Here is the horse!

image: Facebook

To find it, all that was necessary was to rotate the image 90° to the left, and the horse would have appeared before your eyes!

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