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21 parents who have devised clever tricks…
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21 parents who have devised clever tricks to keep their children under control!


The world of children is magical --- that is to say, that in their eyes the most common scientific and rational laws of nature do not apply, and - even more wonderfully - everything is yet to be discovered, by using their senses and with the indispensable help of adults. 

So being a parent means, first of all, knowing how to see that same enchanted dimension, and above all, using all the imagination and creativity you have. 

The result is guaranteed - and the fun as well, as shown by the experiences some parents have had that we display here below.

 1. The brilliant prototype of the high chair

2. "I have convinced our 8-year-old daughter that I hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner, so now every time she is angry with me, she vacuums the house."


3. When it is Dad's turn to bottle feed his baby daughter.

4. "Right now, I'm that daddy who plays hide-and-seek with my daughter, so I can do nothing --- while she thinks she's found the "perfect" hideout.

5. Here's what happens at home when it's too hot to play outside!


6. "As a child, I went to kindergarten. One Monday, I didn't want to go there. My mom said that if I went for 5 days, then she would give me TWO DAYS OFF. I was happy and accepted."

7. A new way to convince children to go somewhere when they don't feel like it.


8. Life hack: If you tell the pizza delivery person "Thanks so much, you're making our Pajama Day awesome!" when you and your toddler answer the door in pj's, you transform from the mom who couldn't get her shit together into the fun mom who hosts theme days."

9. "My son got sour cream on his elbow. I told him to lick it off. You could call me mean, but that was a couple of minutes of entertainment!"


10. "Today the Wifi password can be unlocked by texting a photo of a clean kitchen to mom. Said photograph MUST contain one box of crackers on the counter by the stove (to prevent re-using any previous photos). Thank you for playing. May the odds be ever in your favor. Love, Mom "

11. "Dad got me a Christmas card saying, "You have always been my favorite son". I discussed it with my brother and he said his card said the same thing, absolute scam!" 😖

 12. If your babies constantly try to exit the playpen, enlarge it!

13."My 4-year-old son: When is my birthday? And me: Not till next year. He: What if I'm really good? Me: We'll see.

14. "I sent my father a picture of me eating his cake, and he locked the freaking fridge?!?"

15. "When punishing your kids, do not take away their electronics. Take away their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly dies."

16. A pretty baseball bat is the best present for your daughter!

17. "The only way to make sure my kid only eats two Oreo cookies is for me to eat the other 15 before she does."

18. A way of disillusioning one's children

20. "If you feel tired and really sleepy, and you have very noisy children, tell them to wake you up in half an hour to start cleaning. They will literally do everything not to wake you up."

20. An example of a white lie told by parents to their children: "When the ice cream truck plays the music, it is to let everyone know they've run out."

21. "When I was a young boy my father had what he called the bean jar. It was a jar full of brown and black beans. Whenever we misbehaved, he would remove one and tell us that once the jar was empty the world would end."

These parents have really drawn on their most fervent imagination and creativity to be able to manage their children, or trick them or just to play a joke. Do you also have similar experiences to share?

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