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A woman is assisted by 40 doctors during…
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A woman is assisted by 40 doctors during her record delivery of quintuplets

March 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For a couple in love, the arrival of a child is the greatest joy, the crowning achievement of their life project. 

Along with the love and happiness, there is certainly a bit of anxiety for an event that is so new to deal with, therefore,  so you can imagine when instead of only one child, it was discovered that she was expecting "many".

This situation was experienced by 23-year-old Alexandra Kinov and her fiancé Antonin Kroscen, two young people from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Antonin and Alexandra already had a child together, so they were immediately thrilled by the news that their family would grow, even if they could not yet have had an idea by "how much"! 

The couple was aware that there was the possibility of a twin birth because, in both of their families, there had already been similar cases. After the first medical examination, the doctors confirmed it, Alexandra was expecting twins.

Despite this result, the gynecologist wanted to repeat the ultrasound again because he was not completely convinced of the previous findings. To their amazement, the couple discovered that they were not two but three children. 

The surprises, however, were not finished, because, after the next medical examination, the young couple was told that the number of children had grown and that the babies were now five. The doctors had already suspected this but they had waited to be totally certain.


From what the medical staff has reported, it seems that from a statistical point of view the natural birth of quintuplets has the probability of one case in several million. 

The sex of the unborn children could not be established safely because the ultrasounds were too confusing due to the presence of so many children. Alexandra decided to wait for their birth to see their sex with her own eyes.

The day of Alexandra's delivery was a historic day for her country, the Czech Republic! Alexandra was assisted by as many as 40 doctors during a cesarean delivery because there were particular conditions that made her delivery rather complex.

Antonin could not be there to assist his wife in the hospital because he was unexpectedly stuck in a traffic jam. Still today, he blames himself for not being present because he really and truly wanted to be there with her. 

Despite this little hiccup, Alexandra gave birth to five wonderful, healthy children --- four boys and a girl named Alex, Deniel, Martin, Michael, and Terezka.


This woman's babies were the first quintuplets to be born in the Czech Republic since 1949, an event that statistically happens once every 480 years.

The odds of such a pregnancy without complications at the time of delivery and the possibility in the future for a similar pregnancy and delivery are 1 in 47 million.

From that day, it has now been six years, and the children continue to grow up healthy and happy. Today, together with their parents Alexandra and Antonin, they form a large and beautiful family.

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