This letter is for you because too often you think perhaps you are not up to meeting life's challenges -
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This letter is for you because too often…
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This letter is for you because too often you think perhaps you are not up to meeting life's challenges


Dearest "Myself",

I am writing to you because I needed to tell you so many things. I know that life has not been easy for you lately, this pains me a lot, but you have fought and managed to remain standing.

For better or for worse everything happens for a reason, one day you will see that all the pain, delusions, and wounds will make sense.

Stop being so hard on yourself, I'm proud of everything you've done and what you've become today.

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Breathe, freed from the anxiety of all expectations, accept things for what they are and life as it is. Be patient, trust yourself, you're in the exact place you're meant to be. Do not let yourself be put down by anything or anyone, and when someone hurts you, do not take it too personally, because, in reality, they are only harming themselves. Learn to forgive and to leave things in the past. 

Accept your faults because they are what makes you different, special, and unique; you are perfect as you are. So many times you have thought you were in the wrong but it is not so. Despite the wounds you carry inside, despite the scars --- you're not a victim, you're a survivor. You are stronger than you think, the world has tried to break you but you have not let them do it, be proud of this. 

Remember to rely on your own strength, do not look to others for help in finding your happiness. You do not need to be a wife or a girlfriend to feel complete, stay calm and serene while you wait for love. Even if you have not found it yet, it does not mean that you do not deserve to be loved. But before loving someone, first learn to love yourself.

image: Unsplash

Be generous with friends, family, and neighbors. Promise me that you will do everything to give meaning to your life, without ever giving up or forgetting your dreams. Do not allow anyone to hinder you and surround yourself only with people who support you and love you.

During life's journey, many people will leave you or you will leave them, learn to accept it with serenity because it had to go that way. Also, whoever has disappointed or betrayed you, remember them for what they have taught you. Thank those who are still with you and fill the spaces of those who have left, and thank yourself as I am doing with you now.

Thank you for everything you have been, what you are, and what you will be.


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