According to tradition, choosing the right godparents for your child is a very important task

Shirley Marie Bradby

March 04, 2019

According to tradition, choosing the right godparents for your child is a very important task

There are bonds that, although not natural - like that between parents and their children - take on value and authority by virtue of other factors.

Case in point is the relationship between godmother and godfather and godson - or goddaughter. 

In fact, it is a very particular relationship, both because it is decided by third parties - the parents of the child and because it has an essentially cultural and religious value, it has become a tradition that has managed to survive throughout the centuries.



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Godfathers and godmothers are recurrent figures in various religions; in the Christian Church, they are the witnesses at the child's baptism and destined to play an important role in the life of the family and above all, in that of the child.

They should be regarded as second parents, with whom, the child as it grows up is able to confide in, and godparents are not only responsible for the religious education of the child but also to replace the parents in the unfortunate event that they should pass away.

However, this does not always happen because sometimes people are chosen who - because of the geographical distance or because of a more formal relationship rather than one of substance with the parents - will not be able to fulfill this important task.

However, the role of being a godparent is important, and it is, therefore, essential to make the right choice; for this reason, it is better to know in detail their duties.

The duties of godparents and godmothers

The duties of godparents and godmothers


  • 1. They must take care of the religious education of the child, showing by their example the path to follow; 
  • 2. They have to guide the child in life, so it is important that their lifestyle be one that is liked and appreciated by the child's parents because they will present it to their child as an example; 
  • 3. They must be present at all the important moments in the life of their godchild so that the child will consider them to be important figures and they can get to know each other better; 
  • 4. It is necessary that there is a connection or that one is created between the godparents and the godchild, to be deepened over time, and independent of the relationship with the parents; 
  • 5. They must participate in their development and their studies, be aware of their academic progress and help them both in their studies as well as in relationships with classmates; 
  • 6. They must support their parents in the most delicate phases of their godchild's life, such as in adolescence which is the most turbulent moment by definition.

Therefore, it is difficult to find one, let alone two people, who can fulfill such demanding roles. Especially since, after all, it is a matter of finding vice-parents, and it is normal that it is an impossible mission, or almost.