Stomatitis --- why it occurs and what is the most effective remedy to cure it -
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Stomatitis --- why it occurs and what…
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Stomatitis --- why it occurs and what is the most effective remedy to cure it


Perlèche, also known as angular stomatitis, is an inflammatory lesion located at the corners of the mouth.

Initiallyit presents itself as a skin sore, accompanied by redness and pain, while at a later stage it can cause fungal and bacterial infections and desquamation. 

It seems a harmless disorder, but - although not serious - it can, however, be very annoying, and cause pain especially when talking, eating or laughing.

The causes can be different, as well as the remedies. Let's take a look at them together.

In general, the perleche is a sign of a poor diet, but the causes may be other: 

  • the lack of vitamin A and B, of folic acid and some minerals such as zinc, iron, and riboflavin; 
  • some skin allergies; 
  • certain drugs can trigger perleche as a side effect; 
  • diseases such as diabetes or anemia. 

A good basic precaution is to keep the area dry, avoiding wetting the lips, as humidity promotes the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, hindering healing. To alleviate the pain, it is useful to use a local antiseptic cream, better if natural such as aloe vera, rose hip oil, and calendula which can be useful. However, in order to eradicate this condition, it is necessary to identify the root cause that provoked the cheilitis (inflammation), by contacting your doctor

Nothing serious, therefore, but a warning bell that suggests that we must pay more attention to our diet or more generally to our health!

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