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6 possible benefits of eating a spoonful…
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6 possible benefits of eating a spoonful of honey everyday

March 02, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Taking care of your body means not only dealing with it when you are weak or ill but above all preventing any possible disturbances and strengthening your body.

Prevention is done primarily at the table; for this reasonit is important to choose carefully what we eat, opting for the foods that contribute to making us feel better. 

In particular, in our diet honey should never be missing, and exactly one tablespoon a day is enough to cause and maintain the following beneficial changes in our body.

  •  1. Stronger immune system. Thanks to its mix of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, honey is great for strengthening our natural defenses. Try a tablespoonful with hot water and a slice of lemon when you have a cold or the flu, honey is great for relieving symptoms. 
  • 2. Reduction of the risk of cardiovascular disease. With a tablespoon of honey a day you will see your cholesterol decrease by 10%; if you then add some cinnamon, the beneficial effects on the circulatory system will be amplified. 
  • 3. Makes losing weight easier. Just drink a glass of warm water, honey and lemon on an empty stomach, every day to lose weight more easily. In fact, honey purifies the liver and burns fat.
  • 4. Less tiredness. Instead of drinking coffee or other energizing drinks, a spoonful of honey is enough to regain your strength! A way of recharging without side effects. 
  • 5. Purifies skin. Honey is an antibacterial agent that is very useful for the skin. Just spread it on the affected areas to immediately notice a benefit. 
  • 6. Stomach relief. Honey helps to reduce acids in the stomach, in addition to neutralizing the gases therein, and generally improves digestion. If you feel heavy or bloated, just take a tablespoon of honey in hot water and you will feel better soon. 

Honey is a great substitute for sugar, given its beneficial properties. Whether you prefer multi-flower or chestnut, it does not matter, stock up on honey and always keep a healthy supply on hand. :)

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