The secret with which an empathetic woman can win against a narcissist -
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The secret with which an empathetic…
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The secret with which an empathetic woman can win against a narcissist


Few people know how to be as toxic as a narcissist. Having to deal with such an individual is a real challenge, but fortunately, for many evils, there is a cure.

The antidote to a narcissist is surely an empathetic woman, the kind of strong woman who does not let such an individual take what they want, that will keep up with them until she has completely unmasked them.

An empathetic woman does not tolerate or submit, she rebels and does not let anyone walk all over her.

Vanity and self-celebration is only the tip of the iceberg when dealing with true narcissists. They can be really harmful to anyone around them, subtly, deceitful, often without others being aware of it. 

They are skilled manipulators, they will use whoever they can for their own personal interest, they only do something if they know they can get something more in return. They have the ability to distort the truth by presenting an honest and clean image of themselves. They lie, they deceive, they confuse others with their charm, all for their own gratification. 

But not everyone remains a victim of their machinations: there are people who know how to spot them on the fly, those who can smell their falsehood even from a mile away! A bit like a mongoose facing a cobra, empathetic women are not enchanted and can understand immediately when someone is not sincere.

Their strength lies in knowing how to react decisively, doing everything possible so that these evil people are removed from their lives forever. These women can help themselves and also the people around them,  making sure that no one else ever falls into the traps set by a narcissist.

The strategy of an empathetic woman against such an individual is very simple and straightforward. It is based on facing the narcissist in the light of day, making them understand that she has no fear of them.  In fact, a narcissist does not like face to face confrontations and tends to try to dissemble by assuming the role of a poor victim, seeking the approval and defenses of others. 

The empathetic woman, however, knows exactly how to respond, preventing the narcissist from escaping and revealing to everyone that behind the narcissist's charm there is only a trivial sleigh of hand. Defeating a narcissist is certainly not an easy task, but a strong woman will always come out on the winning side.

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